Dimple Dell Nature Park

Dimple Dell MapDimple Dell Recreational Nature Park is a 644 acres of natural area with multiple trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, natural history study areas, interpretive sites, ponds and streams, and native plants and wildlife.  Dogs are also welcome, as long as they are on a leash.  The park is long and narrow, running from 3000 East down the Dry Creek drainage to 300 East.  There is a tunnel beneath 1300 East that is 14-foot wide, 14-foot high passage way allowing equestrians, bikers and hikers access to both sides of the park just north of 10600 South.

Fires and projectiles are prohibited. Collecting of plants, animals, and minerals are prohibited.

A large outdoor amphitheater is available for use. For more information on field trips and interpretive activities, please inquire by calling 483-5473.

Granite Park Trailhead occupies the northeast end of the park. It is a neighborhood park with picnic facilities. There are ten additional trailheads, three with restrooms.

Main Trailhead
10400 South 1300 East
Sandy, Utah

Granite Park Trailhead
2900 East Mt. Jordan Road
10000 South 2700 East

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