Dimple Dell Ranchettes Amenities
**All amenities are private and only maybe used by Dimple Dell Ranchettes and their guests.

The Dimple Dell Ranchettes is small tight-knit community in the foothills of the Wastch Moutains. Working together the Ranchettes have developed a fun family community with a variety of activities to offer their members during both the summer and winter months.

Children’s Playground

The community installed a new play ground in 2010. Since then families are eager to be outside and have fun.

It is a great meeting place all season long to socialize with your neighbors and make new friends.


Tennis & Basketball

The tennis and basketball courts provide fun exercise for people of all ages.

Tennis and basketball are both excellent ways to burn calories and improve aerobic conditioning while playing at a moderate or high intensity.



The large diving pool is great fun for everyone on hot Sandy summer days.

The pool is perfect for family parties.


Equine Facilities

For all of the horse lovers in the community the equine facilities offer horse boarding, area riding, and walk out trails to the Dimple Dell Nature Park.